Sunday, January 10, 2010

Azam tahun 2010

Lately aku sangat sibuk mengurus masa dan aktiviti harian sampai tak sempat nak merancang dan menyenaraikan Azam tahun 2010. Azam aku tahun nie dan seterusnya adalah seperti berikut and I am serious abot my azams...lately aku sedar to self-improve aku perlu ada self- esteem and self-efficacy.

Azam itu ibarat peta yang membentang selok belok dan pelbagai pilihan jalan menuju destinasi, ibarat kompas yang menunjuk arah destinasi, ibarat kiblat yang fokus pada hala tuju dan destinasi, ibarat lampu suluh yang menjadi pedoman di kala berlaku kekeliruan dan kebuntuan. Individu tanpa azam ibarat individu tanpa pedoman, tanpa hala tuju dan too complacent with things which can be improved in so many ways.Taking a step a time, this year azam aku adalah seperti berikut:

Main Azam :
Personal azams:

1. To have a list of azam every year, to assess the azams every end of year.
2. To keep an ideal body weight and maintain a shape - berat aku sebelum kahwin 49kg...lepas kawin naik 3kg dan memang susah nak turun....anyway aku kira this is acceptable as long as tak lebih 55kg. Tapi bukan kg yg aku concern, it is shape yg aku concern....I need to stay in shape.....
3. To prepare myself for a second baby; applying scar and strecth mark creams on my abdomen, reduce caffeinated drinks and junkfood, take more fruits, vegetabke, dairy and supplements.
4. To be more discipline and consistent in money-saving-routine. To be financially-well-controlled.
5. To be less shopaholic or to control my urge of shopping and to value the cost-benefits of 'buying'
6. To dedicate myself more to husband and more intimacy yet independant to husband, affectionist yet strict to Adam.

Professional azams:

1. To pursue my eMBA smooth and efficient and to practice the theories learnt to make up an effective and efficient manager. Should hold the scroll by age 30yo WITHOUT FAIL!.
2. To optimize my capacity to learn and valuing diversity to master my job description and stretch beyond expected within the day of my confirmation.
3. To be able to fragmentized my personal and profesional responsibilities in order to obtain satisfaction in both area.
4. To acquire more systematic & schematic manegerial skills.
5. To plant in more prositive thinking and positive attitude.

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YanDarwisy said...

Wah..hebat azam hang sab. Anyway..salam singgah. Jiran depan pintu...he..he..he....