Thursday, January 1, 2009

What motivates me???

I believed in motivation. It can take us further up in life. Motivation is a booster if you are getting the right motivation from the right motivator...but this also depends on how strong your willings to change and to better up your life, your career and in everything you do. Also how much your willings to kae the pressure and the challenges.

To me motivation plus ?-driven are very important to keep me up. Yes. And what am I driven to???? I am driven to money. I am not materialistic but at this era, money is everything. Thus to me, every each of us should be money-driven. Success will follow if you are motivated and money-driven. Plus I too believed in love, lots and lots of will bring us comfort, peace and every happiness from deep within. With all these you will succeed in work and in live.

This year I will be at 78K per annum. My next year target will be at 84k per annum...I will work at all my level best to impress the management...I will work like working in my own company...this is the secret to my target....

Ya-Allah Ya-Tuhan ku....ku bersyukur di atas rezeki mu. Alhamdulillah.

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