Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rumah Sewa ku...

I love brown colour very much. So I will defenitely use brown as one of the colour for my so called new house...hehehe. Other than brown I will be using maroon, white and pink. An earthy combination. I like it. Since this is not my own house, I will not be using packet flooring. Thus my plan is to use something identical in colour and concept. As for curtain I will be using white plus maroon or white plus brown...Cool!.

As for furniture...I have told my husband that I want it brown wooden for our dining table and half leather brown or dark brown for the sofa. Hmmmmpphhhhh kena kumpul duit sket nampaknyer nie...and I do not want any Ikea's stufff is possible...I really don't like their design..

Floor furnishing will defenitely not carpet.. I hate carpet..I love wooden or bamboo mat..

I want my house to look more like this....

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