Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Serba Serbi Tahun Baru

Selain daripada azam baru, matlamat baru dan harapan and husband telah bersetuju untuk memulakan hidup baru di rumah yang baru.

Rumah yang kami beli di bangi akan kami sewakan. Kami decide untuk sewakan at 1.3K. Kunci kami akan ambik next week. Since pemaju lambat siapkan rumah ...they owe us RM7.8k ++. Duit nie kami tak nak tuntut cash but kami nak gunakan untuk kos memasang grill dan lampu. Kalau still ada extra kami akan convert kepada cash. Memula tuh memang berat untuk decide, tapi since tak berbaloi untuk kami stay and berulang alik ke subang dr bangi and furthermore mama nak further study kat UiTM not UKM as planned long time kami finally decide untuk sewakan jer rumah tuh...

All this while kami sewa flat kat SS13 Subang Jaya...since kami berdua kerja kat SS13 gak...siap berjiran lagi...huhuhu...kami sewa ngan my big first memang jimat sgt sb kami hantar Adam ke pengasuh di syeksen yg sama. Sekarang Adam kami hantar kat Nursery di we actually have to travel all the way to SS14 and patah balik ke SS13...ini adalah tidak berbaloi...and also Adam semakin besar dan perlukan space...kami pulak nakkan we finally decide nak pindah jer ke SS14. So keluar rumah leh terus hantar Adam n pergi way jer...senang....

For that reason kami akan move in ke single storrey terrace kat SS14 as soon as tuan rumah bagi green light..Sewa RM800 sbln. This will be temporary...sebab kami plan untuk beli rumah tersebut sekiranya kami jatuh cinta dengannya kelak...sekiranya cinta sukar untuk berputik kepada rumah tersebut kami akan beli rumah lain kat subang nie....almaklumlah rumah seken hen...susah sket nak berkenannya....hubby pun dah bersetuju...sebab kalau terus menyewa memang rugi....

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku terangilah jalan kami...Permudahkanlah urusan kami dan redhailah setiap perancangan dan keputusan kami..Amin Ya Rabbal Allamin

Selamat Tahun Baru 2009

I wish all of us happiness deep down within.Serenity with each sunrise.Success in each facet of your life.Family beside you. Close and caring friends.Health, inside you.Love that never ends.Special memories of all the yesterdays.A bright today with much to be thankful for.A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.Dreams that do their best to come true.Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.


I have spoken with Dr Rosmimah who is the coordinator for eMBA and was told that the next intake will be in July 2009. She has asked me to apply somewhere in early March. I was also told that the only requirement is for the applicant to have a three years full-time work experience and they will first interview the applicant. Cool! Can't wait.

As for the subjects for this coursework program, there will be 13 subjects for 4 semester. Which means there will be only 3 subjects per semester. The cost will be 4K ++ per semester.

Anyway...good luck to me..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sales & Marketing - Year End -Brainstorming

This is the first time I really sat down for a sales & marketing meeting that was conducted by our sales & marketing consultant. I was there to learn how to manage a sales team and to give a talk on regards of our new products.

It was really cool! I have learned many things like sales, discount rate, collection, payments, sales quota, comissions, claims and etc. Every bite of infos that I get are all very important to me.

I am now silently learning how to think, how to react and how to tackle things just like my board of directors. This is not easy as I need to learn how they think and what they will think on regards of certain matter. I have to build up a certain way how to think a proper thinking and to think a helicopter view. I will be learning ........

Executive Master of Bussiness Administration

InsyaAllah if my application succeded I will be persuing my study in Bussiness and Administration. This an executive course where all classes will be carried out during the weekends for a duration of two years and it will cost me RM18K. I am okay with this. My only concern is to spend my time with my beloved son afterwork without fail. He has got his papa and opah during the weekends. I will not be long as he has company.

I have to do this. I need this knowledge. This is the time...there will be no "the right time" until you decide that the particular time is the right time. Ya-Allah terangilah hati ini dan kuatkanlah langkah ini. I just have to take the very first step.....than I will be walking.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year, New Home & New Me

Pagi tadi mama terbaca satu artikel di the star pasal 7 Keys To A Successful Career and Happiness. Very interesting and usPagi eful informations, especially for those who haven't fullly figure out their resolutions for next year and the following years. Whatever said and done, next year the economic situation and the living will be thougher and we should be prepared to get through it. This is the right time for me to learn sales & marketing during this recesstion year...So here they are the 7 secrets :.....

1. LOVE YOUR JOB Many of us neither born to live nor earn a living. We all earn to live. So as simple as to love your job and get paid for it. That is happy. But is love alone sufficient to build up a career?

2.STAY OPTIMISTIC Focused on pleasent things in your life and satisfaction you get out of your job. Your concentration at work or at home will always be on the right track. But do we ignored the downs and or the failures?

3.BE HONEST Communicate openly and honestly with everyone. But do we have to be 100% honest?

4.BE POSITIVE Surround yourself with people you admire and respect. They can help you stay upbeat and bring you out the best in you. This is no doubt.

5.CHASE YOUR DREAMS Living without a dream and goal is a failure. You can have a dream as simple as to improve your self... This is no doubt.

6.EXPAND YOURSELF Develop new skills, learn, improve, get a new hobby or try out something that gets your heart pumping....This is no doubt...

7. HAVE FUN Yes! whatever it takes to have fun....! Yes. If you can earn to live you can also earn to have fun....

As for me my next few years will be more challenging....and I will surely take those keys to a successful career and in life as motivations and encouragements. My 2008 end up great with one news which I couldn't believed my ears. I was informed by the board of directors that I was choosen to be the GM for the company. I was so suprised, glad, scared and confused. I will be on training for the next 5 years. They want me to be the GM at 32 years old or may be sooner than that...This is a real challenge for me which i will take it....of course and I know I can do it. To equip myself I will learn more on the operation, accounting and marketing site. I've planned to take few external courses as well. Syukur alhamdullillah.....for this opportunity.

Thanks to dear husband for your very understanding and support. I can't live without you. I promised we will have another baby once the perfect time has come and once we are perfectly ready.

Ya Allah ya tuhanku, syukur alhamdullillah. Ku mohon hidayah dan petunjuk mu selalu. Ampunilah Dosa-dosaku dan mohon sentiasa menerima Nur-Mu untuk terus berusaha memperbaiki diri ini demi kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat. Amin....